Why buy NamibFire USA?

What can be done to fight bush encroachment?

 It is no secret that Namibia have been struggling with recession. With majority of the country fighting bush encroachment, farmers and the economy has been severely impacted. Due to the lack of water, the bush has taken over, growing at an alarming rate and forcing farmers to downsize their livestock and sources of income. Not only is this impacting the farmers, it is also impacting the wildlife in Namibia. So the industry of charcoal and gourmet cooking wood were born.

What is bush encroachment?

Namibia was always described as a Savannah and open grasslands. But due to bush encroachment these farms have been overgrown with thorny bushes. Affecting the economy and the environment. The solution? Deforestation of millions of acres of suppressed lands.

Economy impact from our charcoal

Providing jobs for those that would usually struggle to find jobs. The Charcoal industry that was established from bush encroachment, provided thousands of jobs for men and women alike.

How is our charcoal sourced and made?

Our charcoal is sourced from FSC certified farmers. Guaranteeing only the top quality, cleaner burning, restaurant grade charcoal. Each bag is packed by hand with only hand picked and inspected premium grade lump charcoal.

The best charcoal in the world!

Recently, Namibian charcoal was tested in Germany among some of the top brands in the world. It ranked at the top as the best Charcoal on the market. It has also gotten the seal of approval from not only the Germans but also the USA as a cleaner burning, environmentally friendly sourced grilling fuel. Support sustainably, environmentally friendly sourced charcoal and wood, and help fight rainforest deforestation

How to start a fire with NamibFire wood?

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