About Namibian Charcoal Company LLC

We were established in 2022 by two brothers that found there is a large need for longer and hotter burning cooking firewood in the USA. Partnered with our sister company ELPIETA Trading Company LTD in South Africa, we became the sole importer of top quality cooking hardwoods and charcoals from the African continent.

Kameeldoring products

 Our hardwoods like Kameeldoring (Camel Thorn), Rooikrans (Red Eyed Wattle) and Bloekomboom (Eucalyptus), burn longer and hotter than USA hardwoods. Giving you more time to prepare your meal, and use less wood to keep the heat going. With only the highest handpicked quality wood in every order. Our pizza oven firewood, BBQ smoker chunks and outdoor grilling firewood is the best on the market.

Camel Thorn bush in Namibia

How is our products sourced?

Our products are sustainably sourced from small Namibian farmers that are battling bush encroachment. By removing these bushes it is helping not only the farmers, but also the wildlife, as these lands used to be grasslands. As the thorny bush started to take over the land, Namibia has been facing a pest in what we know as the Kameeldoring (Camel thorn) bush.

Hand-split, picked and packed our wood and charcoal are select gourmet restaurant grade, providing our customers with only the best quality product.

Our goal is to help those that were affected by the depression in both South Africa and Namibia, by providing jobs to those that were without before. 

Not only are we helping those that were in need, but we also support the fight against rhino poaching.

1 Bag at a time!